Let us unite in darkness, against our common foes.
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 The Scourge faction - How to earn & rewards

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PostSubject: The Scourge faction - How to earn & rewards   Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:23 pm

Earning reputation and rewards.
Earning reputation:

- Joining Cult of the Thuzadin: instant jump to friendly.
- Attending to a Scourge event on our side: +200 rep
- Service to the Scourge involving help in carrying stuff, in rituals, etc...: +75 rep
- Service to the Scourge involving kidnap: +100 rep
- Service to the Scourge involving murder, war: +175 rep
- Donating a piece of "evil" looking armor/runeblade: +75 rep


- Friendly: You gain respect from the Scourge as a still "own-minded" respected member.
- Honored: You can choose between a set of armor, runeblade or unholy enchant to enhance cultmember-looks during secret meetings and eventual wars. (If nothing in gbank I can always take you "shopping" on the AH). Promotion from Acolyte to something suiting to your (IC) class.
- Revered: A sum of 75 gold coins is paid to fund your personal costs so you may continue to aid us as a high valued member. You may get to lead certain moves/plans sometimes. Promotion.
- Exalted: You are granted full control over all those under you, promotion to an "officer" rank. (Not named like that)
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The Scourge faction - How to earn & rewards
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