Let us unite in darkness, against our common foes.
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 About the Cult. (RP-story)

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About the Cult. (RP-story) Empty
PostSubject: About the Cult. (RP-story)   About the Cult. (RP-story) EmptyWed Mar 26, 2008 3:38 am

First of all, welcome everyone to my humble Cult of the Thuzadin forum.

After a month of inactivity, I have returned, more motivated then ever! Now, I play on this lovely realm for more than a year now, and surely quite a lot has happened with the organisation you are all in... Here is the tale how it went.

The Thuzadin... also known as the agents of Kel'Thuzad, one of the most feared orders of Scourge agents. It all started when two Death Knights, Lord Zalon Frostwhisper and Baron Shrenk Felblade, and a small force, were sent to the Stormwind Kingdom. A cult they had to start, however a cult always requires Cultists, ofcourse. To start spreading the word, fear and corruption, Nathrezim was created. This was the first named organised Scourge group in the Kingdom of Stormwind. The Stormwind Militia, main line of defense of the Kingdom, was quickly informed of this new organisation, the source and the threat. All Nathrezim members who were recognised as one were to be either slayed or emprisoned. Meanwhile, they continued to seed corruption, murder and fear among the Kingdom. During these dark times, Xariandra was discovered aswell... by the Nathrezim. Xariandra was a too young girl for what emotional pain she had to endure, and desperatly, she had deepened herself in dark magics, mainly Demonology and Fel magic, in order to turn her pain and sadness into pure hate, rage, bitterness and power. This became her eventual downfall to becoming the infamous Cruel Mistress we know today. She was developing remarkbly fast, and had a personal plan from the first day she joined the Scourge. Not much is known by not many, but an ancient family artifact is mentioned. The day she consumed this, she reached the power and form as we know her today. She knew how to corrupt, play into mortal emotions, and make others feel secure within the Scourge as no other.

However, the Nathrezim got too much pressure on it... the entire Kingdom had risen up against it, and the small Scourge force couldn't even properly hide anywhere. During this period, Xariandra, Zalon and Shrenk had decided to unite with other forces who oppose Stormwind into the infamous Cabal of Ruin. Consisting out of Pirates, dark rangers, warlocks and the Scourge, this force was able to withstand a lot more and the fight between them and the Kingdom went on continuously. However, nobody inside knew what was going on in Xariandra's head... with the Lich King, she had been plotting all along. She knew the Cabal was stronger.. However, she also knew the 4 houses of the Cabal were never really close together... they would eventually betray each other and destroy it, and the Kingdom would win afterall. Xariandra started weakening the Cabal from the inside, she spread rumors, distrust and confusion. She kept doing this, until one big final battle came... This was it, the Cabal versus the Militia. Entire forces. When the battle begun, something happened, which nobody could have foreseen, except for the Lich King himself. It was Xariandra. She knew the Cabal would outpower the Militia forces and eventually win, and that was exactly what was happening. Xariandra summoned her most loyal servant, the little cruel gnome called Tipsy. Do not be misguided by her size and name, for she is just as cruel as the Mistress herself. Together, they had tortured, interrogated and corrupted many, many poor souls. Tipsy was one of the only servants Xariandra had a true connection with, something mortals would call "friendship".

But there they were, Tipsy and Xariandra, behind the Cabal forces in the battle. Together, did they unleash their terrible magic wrath onto the battlefield, and before the Cabal even realised what was hitting them, half of them were down. Most of the Cabal still fighting the Militia, however in a lot less numbers, started failing against the Militia forces, who also were very weakened by the Cabal outnumbering them. It was perfectly planned; Xariandra knew exactly how the battle would evolve. Both forces were destroyed, it was a true tragedy. Xariandra and Tipsy walked along the lifeless bodies, and started raising back the Scourge forces with the last of their powers with necromancy. They also rised back as many other soldiers as they could, to serve them, and then left the battle. Casandrah Drixx, leader of the Cabal, was not found between the soldiers nor the body, and it remains a mystery to this day where she is. Baron Felblade dissapeared aswell during this period, and also remains a mysterious case.

With this new force, and Shrenk gone, Xariandra became the new full power leader and dismissed the name "Nathrezim" and "Cabal of Ruin". She simply called it The Scourge, for this was a force worthy being named of its origin. This force gave the Kingdom much trouble in the following time, attacks on the Kingdom itself, sneak attacks in the city, corruption was everywhere. The Militia could not handle it, but then something happened, something what would be fatal for Xariandra and her force. The elite army of Stormwind, The Crimson Eagle, an Alliance army called Silverwing Outrunners AND the Dwarven army Khazrand Da Khazmodan had traveled to the Kingdom to drive the Scourge away. The Scourge were declared immediate execution on sight, and days of pure slaughtering passed as any suspected Scourge member was slayed. The Scourge was defeated and driven back. However, Xariandra remained surprisingly calm. As if she did expect this and accepted it. She ordered her most loyal lieutenants, and Algorath, her secret mad slave, to slay her in public. This day was a day of joy for the kingdom, Xariandra's head was an ultimate trophy. It was celebrated by parties, drinks, dancing,...

However, what the population and soldiers did not know, is that Xariandra never is unprepared... even this mass slaughter of her body was meant to happen, for in the very forest she was slayed in, there was a lifeless body, a host, prepared trough a ritual, ready to catch Xariandra's spirit. However, she was too powerful to immediatly fit into a new body, thus she had to absorb most of her power back into an the mysterious artifact. Weeks passed with rest. Zeria Fordring appeared. A mysterious, but clever wizard who started a wizard school AND became a councillor. She could but only constantly grin at the happiness around her, believing she was gone. She gathered the remaining Scourge forces, and formed the final form of the force, Cult of the Thuzadin. This will operate just as the Cult of the Damned did in Lordaeron, and the recruiting and shipment of plagued grain has already begun...

More selfsure than ever, scarred by her life and by battle, Xariandra sits on her throne of the Cult, her ever loyal, cruel and powerful servant Tipsy next to her, staring endlessly at the city with her everburning eyes, full of her hate and bitterness... She will have her revenge.
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About the Cult. (RP-story)
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