Let us unite in darkness, against our common foes.
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 Official recruitement thread

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Official recruitement thread Empty
PostSubject: Official recruitement thread   Official recruitement thread EmptySun Dec 23, 2007 12:33 am

Title: The Scourge is recruiting!

The Light... The Light?! And the corrupt leaders of Stormwind who make you believe their cause is just? Hah! Don't believe their lies! Stand up for yourself, and join an order of power for everyone! The Scourge is recruiting all those who saw the truth, those who see the disease within the souls of these living pathetic creatures, their greedness, their abuse of YOUR emotions for their own good only. Follow the whispers, embrace the cold and the darkness around you, become one of us and help us cleanse this world for once and forever from these mortal dogs. Together, we shall burn the world to the ground, and rise our paradise of eternal darkness, and everyone shall have eternal life, in peace...

(( OOC information: We are one of the few, or perhaps even only Villain RP guild on Alliance on Scarshield Legion. We use the Gryphonheart Reputation addon, together with other known RP guilds like Stormwind Militia and The Crimson Eagle, and base rankings, rewards, power over others, etc on that reputation. We are outnumbered by far atm by the "good guys", and we are in desperate need of good RPers who know what real evil RP is, other than sucking out blood and killing random people.

either apply in a IC post at http://remnants.forumotion.com or contact us ingame

Written by Xariandra, Cruel Mistress of The Scourge ))
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Official recruitement thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Official recruitement thread   Official recruitement thread EmptyFri Jan 23, 2009 10:40 pm

This has now changed significantly:

The Recruitment Macros are as follows:

/1 A year has passed since the Betrayer Xariandra, sold us out. The Shadow Ascendants Prophisised her fall, now they prophisised our great rise to power. We were fools to believe in the Lich King's power, we were fools to believe in the Light..

/1 <Remnants of the Shadow> is recruiting more willing RPers in an attempt to increase the Evil RP on SSL. Whisper me for an interview or send me an ingame message.
/1 Death is our ally, Chaos, our weapon

The Recruitment Thread is:

Remnants of the Shadow Are seeking active RPers who are interested in evil Role-play.
We are a PvP-RP(mainly RP) guild that is looking for serious RPers or people who have their mind set on learning RP.

With the collapse of the Cult of the Thuzadin, there is now a lack of serious evil RP, now we are ready to bolster our forces.



Head bowed against the wind, you travel further and further up the mountain. You climb with unstoppable determination. The shouts of anger from the cathedral at the base of the valley, ring around the mountains; even though it is amplified the harsh winds drown them out. You pull your cloak around yourself tightly, you rest for a moment, then continue climbing on.
You are almost out of energy, you feel slightly delirious. Heaving yourself over the last rock. You see what you have been searching for. A small cave, partially surrounded by rock on one side to offer its protection, stands ahead of you. You walk into the mouth slowly and with precaution. You pull your cowl over yourself and enter. Figures all around you, turn to stare at you. You cannot make eye-contact with anyone. Like you, others have covered their faces, except one. Three figures seated at the back of the cave, motionless. You walk forward.

Speak. orders the Gnome. You respond, stuttering slightly: I-i-is.. i-i-t.. T-t-t-rue? There is slight fear in your voice. Yes. The Gnome replies, solemnly: She has betrayed us all, left us with nothing. It won't be long till our Lord is dead.

The Figure standing in the middle of the three, a human female. hisses at the Gnome He is not our lord, ANYMORE! Her last word echoes around the cave. The fire in the centre of the cave flickers slightly.

The Gnome raises herself to her full potential, eyeing the cloaked figures, her gaze wanders over you and feel a cold chill run through your body.

Ex-Cultists and Acolytes, I have a proposition for you today. The Betrayer, Xariandra is no longer amongst the world of the living or the world of the dead. The lies she created, and seduced us with, of strength, of power and of riches are just what they say they are. Lies! To achieve something you must reach out and get it yourself! To achieve power you must strike fear into those weaklings and imbeciles around you. To achieve Strength you must prove yourself worthy of it. To achieve riches you must take it from those who don't deserve it!
Today I say, we stand against those who lied and cheated us. Both the living forces of the Alliance and the Mindless Dead of the Lich King. With a Undying Vengeance we strike the Kingdom of Stormwind and the Cathedral of Light, we will strike at the heart of Lich King's forces, and at Icecrown itself!

The Lich King has abandoned us, and the Light promised us Eternal Divinity.. All LIES! Where was the Light when it was to protect us from Xariandra and the Lich King? My Cultists, I ask you; cast aside these ideas of the Holy Light and the Lich King's embrace, in our hour of abandonment we turn to the most forgotten religion, the dark twin of what was once called our Divine Blessing. The Remnants of Shadow take a stand! Chaos and Discord will cover these lands. People will fear its essence as we worship its unstoppable power!

The Great Mass of Cultists rise up in a unison cheering. You find yourself cheering as well.

Remnants of the Shadow.. Death is your ally, Chaos your weapon...


What we offer:

- Being part of a quite large RP community (not only the guild ofc).
- Weekly events either with only the guild, or in cooperation with others.
- An IC HQ and a stronghold
- Cross Faction RP (fingers crossed)
- Somewhere to have good RP and to have good fun in general.

The Ranks:

Underling: Rank #1
Sworn Servant: Rank #2
Heretic: Rank #3
Lightslayer or Dark Ranger(dependent on RP style): Rank #4 (Also acts as Officer but less power than Select Three)
Select Three: Rank #5 (Also acts as Officer)
Cruel Maiden Rank #6 (Also acts as Guild Leader)

OOC Information:


Interested, Don't know who to contact? Send Tipsy an Ingame Message or apply on the forums.

Useful RP Addons:(soon to be a requirement)

GHI - Create Ingame Items for RP purposes.
GHR - Ingame Addon that allows the creation of RP-Reputations.
Has links and information made about two really awesome Addons that anyone who RPs should use.

Write a paragraph of two about yourself ingame so people know what you're about.

Special thanks go out to the following people for making this idea come to life: Xariandra, Gurfang, Liontooth and others that posted more minor comments.
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Official recruitement thread
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