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 WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers)

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WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers)   WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) EmptyWed Nov 26, 2008 7:29 am

These are screenshots of awesome locations and happenings in WOTLK, mainly around Icecrown and the Lich King Razz

Firstly; one of my fav quests in WOTLK. You get to PLAY as the Lich King!!! You get to play him. You get an army of soldiers. Objective? Creating an army of the dead!!

WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) LichKing1

WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) LichKing2

And then, you have to replay the Arthas vs Illidan event in another quest:

WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) LichKing3

And here is a screenie of a conversation between my favorite Necromancer, Gothik the Harvester, and a poor Scarlet victim:

WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) GothikFTW

Xariandra praying at the Cathedral of Darkness in Icecrown; this spot is simply AWESOME for Rping a scourge follower!! Only bad side is that if you're too low level you'll aggro the mobs on the sides of the cathedral Razz which are elites.

WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) CathedralOfDarkness

And finally, a screenie of the end part of a very long questchain in Grizzly Hills leading to the instance Drak'Tharon Keep. (WARNING: THIS IS A MAJOR SPOILER!!!)

The story is that you help some kind of Ice Troll caged by humans cleanse his homeland. A long chain of gathering stuff, cleansing ruins, etc etc, eventually has you go to Drak'Tharon and kill all trolls who supposedly went mad and then cleanse it. But... Something interesting happens at the end Wink

WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) LichKingOwnsYou

That's right; the Lich King's been using you for his goals all along through the troll! You've done his dirty job of clearing out Drak'Tharon and preparing a new army for him.

Hope you liked it Very Happy I know I did!
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WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: SPOLIER   WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers) EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 10:48 pm

Arrow /DROOL Exclamation affraid
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WOTLK-fun! (contains minor spoilers)
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