Let us unite in darkness, against our common foes.
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PostSubject: Preaching   Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:00 pm

For the Darkness, for all that is Unholy, for the Shadow.. and for the one true King.
I will try and keep preaching mainly IC, as I hate (and suck) at planning.. Random RP will be supported, for it is the best.
If you wish to become a preacher, over here will be given different information, rules & suggestions.
Only those with the strongest faith will be selected to spread our darker religion and convert poor souls to worship all that is Unholy.


The dark red robe ([Acolyte's Robe]) is for sale in the Caverns of time or by simply making a lvl 1 warlock, if the vault has none left.
Fitting shoulderpieces ([Aboriginal Shoulder Pads], lvl 16 drop), belt ([Red Linen Sash], low lvl q at Eastvale Logging Camp) or a headpiece
([Felcloth Hood], lvl 50+ crafted by Tailoring) are nice, but keep the looks rather simple. Preachers are supposed to be rather humble.

Weaponry; Often unarmed, small swords / daggers (Kris even) or (walking) staff / Ritual staff.
Sinister arnaments like skulls, wands, dark tomes or torches / lanterns might add to your look.

! - Most of the officers should have tomes or bundles about the darker religions, which contain preaching macro's to make your life as a preacher a lot easier (Requires GryphonHeart Items Addon, GHI) Also IC most preachers would carry along manuscripts, bundles or tomes about the dark religion (use FlagRSP2 / MyRoleplay -addons to note some stuff for example)
Never hurts to ask about those GHI items and the creating of items yourself is stimulated ofcourse, just keep them realistic. - !

Tips for Religious Roleplaying:

Preachers of Darkness are often humble and simple townsfolk, who became a cultist for various reasons.. Often cause of losing faith in the Light, worshipping Shadow and thinking it will grant them more (often poor), you're a crazy insane person who simply loves blood and darkness (not suggested to much), sworn an oath to someone (for example Arthas, the one true King) or just being converted yourself by a different preacher.. Ofcourse there's plenty of other posibilities.

Being a preacher does NOT mean you go around killing stuff. Most are legal in all their actions and only do illegal stuff on the background! Like dark rituals or sacrifices that can't see the daylight. The preaching itself should be openly practicing your belief and religion, nothing to criminal about it. Again, it's rather humble and subtle RP, preachers would never wear the mark of the Scourge, for example, (certain tabbards) in public with their face revealed.

As a small sidenote: You are not a guildrecruiter, you convert people to the religion, not to the guild. Altough some might be very interested and redirected to the real officers later, we are NO recruiters as main thing.

Examples of Religious RP:

- Practicing rituals, like praying and worshipping Shadow or Death. This could be just by praying (with sinister praying beads?) or by actually sacrificing something to honor Death. But also calling upon shadow to grant you strength or simple chants would include practicing your religion.

- Preaching, basicly means patrolling around the Kingdom and spreading your belief and maybe even slight fear or distrust amongst the citizens (disbelief in the Light). Often small groups of people in dark red robes who go around preaching and ranting about the dark times to come and the one and only real religion!

- The Darker Religion aboslutely hates and dislikes the Light in all it's ways. And ofcourse the other way around. A public worshipper of Darkness will be dislikes and frowned upon by the Cathedral, but also the average commoner or militia. We think the Light barely does anything, grants you way less then Death and Shadow would, only fooling people with the fancy clothes and huge buildings.. while their believers are poor and dying. Fools of the Light! hehe

Short OOC Rules:

- Always seperate IC & OOC well, so don't be a jerk Out of Character for example.
- Try and avoid RP in the form of duels! Emotebattles for the win. Using it for the visual effect -Only- is good ofcourse.
- Never Power / Godemote it ruins the fun.. and realism, which then again ruins the fun.
- Try and -Not- use to much shadowy powers of Unholy artifacts nears places of the Light, pure logics wouldn't allow it?
- Same as above but other way around: Treat our crypts and bases as (Un)holy Sanctums! IC & OOC, hehe
- All other guildrules the guild itself has, obviously.

The one main rule for Roleplay I always keep in mind: Try and keep the RP realistic!
Good luck and Have fun RPing a Preacher / Cultist! =)

Father Andarion

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PostSubject: Re: Preaching   Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:42 pm

Very nicely written Andarion! I will be sure to direct new preachers to this post!
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PostSubject: Re: Preaching   Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:29 pm

I'm guessing this post would come in handy for the Remnants of Shadow to? and I see no use to delete it.. just filtered the word "Cult" out once or so. It might still be handy to people so adviced to keep (not sure how far the forumchanges will go)

Hope it'll provide usefull to some. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Preaching   Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:35 am

Very Happy Very Happy Gonna be using this ideaology now, considering I'm taking up the whole preacher role in the Remnants.
I'm sure if people read this they'll get a much better idea on how to treat us guys who don't even do much to be evil
( Apart from the whole calling to a evil religion ).
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PostSubject: Re: Preaching   

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