Let us unite in darkness, against our common foes.
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 Aragnoth is Unhappy....

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Aragnoth is Unhappy.... Empty
PostSubject: Aragnoth is Unhappy....   Aragnoth is Unhappy.... EmptyTue Sep 23, 2008 11:59 pm

Well what can i say, what started out as a small joke in /1 turned into a flame war between Wimto and i over my guilds RP polocies and i cant help but feel im not in control of this so flaming me for this is like blaming a pigeon for global warming, i myself rarther enjoy RP and have been in many RP guilds and only left because i wanted to seek out the 25 man raids before Wotlk, so id just like to say dont judge me cause of my guild i dont support all of Furiums views.
Thats all i have to share with you.
Please understand.
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Aragnoth is Unhappy....
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